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With our partners and portfolio companies we champion Trade Finance as an asset class.

Research has shown that Trade Finance is


Leading Market Analysts report that Trade Finance assets are low risk in nature compared to other asset classes.


Expect lower volatility in your portfolio and more resilience in Trade Finance Investment Assets.


Recycle your capital easily due to the short term nature of Trade Financing.

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Business Introduction

The Middle East Market has a myriad of legal, regulatory, and cultural intricacies that define and shape how business is done. It is vital for business to understand these intricacies and have the skills to navigate through the market.
At InDate.Info, we understand the challenges for small and large businesses establishing themselves in the Middle East. We know the complexities and we believe that business success relies on utilising extensive networks.

Trade & Project Finance

InDate.Info experts connects its clients with potential financers and   advises them on all the intricacies of conducting trade in the Middle East, starting with the clients’ overall strategy at the top, and down to the level of how invoicing is done day-to-day.
InDate.Info provides consulting advice for finan-cing local or international trades, or obtaining advice on how to trade in the Middle East.

Information Providing

InDate.Info recognizes that entering a new market, or initiating a business relationship with a new buyer or vendor comes with its own set of risks. 

We make our clients aware, understand, and take steps to mitigate those risks.
Our team of experts help their clients not only study new markets, but also assess the creditworthiness of potential business partners.

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Trade Finance Solutions - Reverse Factoring: Ready, Steady, Go! & Cash

Discover with us the potential of our Flag Ship in the palette of our Service Lines

InDate is one of the opinion leading advisory firms in the areas of Financial Services. In Switzerland, we have our offices in Zurich/Switzerland but we are represented as well in Dubai / UAE and with correspondents in Hamburg/Germany.

Our experts develop strategies and solutions that help our customers manage even the most complex of problems. InDate’ s procurement practice works with a variety of high profile clients across all the major industry sectors.

Typical projects might include new procurement operating models, from vision and strategy to transforming key process like category management, procure to pay, supplier relationship management including shared services and eProcurement.