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SPECIAL PROMOTION - QUICK & EASY :    cflox - The Cash Flow Exchange


The cflox Win-Win Potential

cflox is the global market for cash flow, trade finance, and working capital within the supply chain. On cflox, buyers and suppliers collaborate to optimize the financing of goods and services.

InDate is proud to develop and implement solutions as your integration partner tailored solutions to the specific needs and goals of our clients.

The unique digital approach reaches the entire supplier base and thereby addresses existing potential and demand.

Modern technology and our comprehensive services facilitate the lean implementation in existing systems and processes.


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Entering with InDate into NEW MARKETS - Your Strategy, your choice. 


If your company has a top-class product or service, to enter NEW MARKETS may be one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make. Size isn’t closely related to success abroad. Small and medium-sized businesses from every sector of our economy, can operate successful in the NEW MARKET.

Of course, succeeding in NEW MARKETS means dealing with new financial, marketing, cultural and logistical challenges. The payoff for diversifying into foreign markets can be substantial and, in an era when the world’s trade is becoming ever more integrated, it can be essential to survival.

InDate is ready to help you overcome administrative, legal, organizational or cultural obstacles.


Entrepreneurship & New Experiences under the aspect of FULL COMPLIANCE


Trying something new can either be fun and exciting, or it can be unfamiliar and frightening. How you perceive new experiences, people, and
products, all depends on how it has been presented to you.

We are committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Our rigorous internal due diligence requirements ensure that all the projects and transactions we support are financially, environmentally
and socially responsible.

We believe that adopting and embracing these principles is good for business.

FULL COMPLIANCE in your daily business is a question of Management Mindset. To integrate the requirements and obligations regarding
your present and future COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS related to a changing Business Model is key for a further successful development
of your business.


We understand YOUR BUSINESS. We understand FULL COMPLIANCE.



Granting Swiss Quality all over the world, but especially in EMERGING MARKETS.

InDate is a Swiss trade information and advisory firm drawing on very strong roots in the European and Middle Eastern marketplaces. InDate specialises in helping the EMERGING MARKETS to develop Global Business. InDate assists ambitious companies in navigating the complex terrain of trade with a keen eye on organic and long-term expansion.


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